Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al-Naqeeb

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

All praise is due to Allah Who spreads the land and lift the sky, Who creates the human of clay and water, and guarantees everyone's right, and facilitate to each creature his living, Who creates, then makes complete, and Who makes ( things ) according to a measure, then guides ( them to their goal ). Prayers and peace be upon the best of the human beings, the most noble, the prophet of Islam, Mohammed prayers and peace be upon him, who has the best morals, the most generous hand, the most merciful, and the most honest speech.

There is no doubt that helping the needy who hankers is the highest kind of charity, and helping the needy Muslim makes Allah helps and accompanies us on all our paths, and shines for us in the darkness, and munitions for us in this life and the last one. In a world full of pain, compelled by suffering, surrounded by poverty, hunger, war and vagrancy, highlights the true believer, who has no aim but Allah's contentedness, who just gives to change pain into hope, unbuckles the heavy chains of suffering to release the innocent man, who is thrown violently in its chains. We try, if Allah wills, to make a future full of joy and happiness, and empty of agony, distress and what break men.

For all the goodness, Al-Naqeeb Development Charitable Foundation was established to raise man towards a better future, draw a smile on everyone's lips, make the joy enters each sad heart, and be a gate of hope and goodness to all needy.

We hope nothing by doing this work but the contentedness of Allah, we want  nothing but serving people, we try hardly to offer goodness in all its images and shapes and improving the social, economical and healthy level in the  community.

Hand in hand, we work to achieve perfection, and supply a sweet working environment in coordination with all foundations and directions that are related.

Our ambition is limitless, our giving involves all needy, our aim is beyond horizon, we work in many aspects. By Allah's willing, we walk in steady steps on the right way: in order to achieve the vision, message and goals of the foundation. Let the giving continue and goodness be generalized.


Allah proselytes the syncretizing.


Shaikh: AbdAllah Awadh Al-Naqeeb.

Founder of the foundation