1. Providing humanitarian, relief and health services to poor families and patients.
  2. Establishing charitable projects, including the restoration and construction of mosques, schools, and educational and professional facilities.
  3. Achieving human development in needy areas.
  4. Qualify and train young people and help them build an effective family in society.
  5. Raising the educational, health, economic and cultural level of society and combating poverty, ignorance and disease.
  6. Contribute to spreading Islamic knowledge and virtuous values in society.
  7. Establishing cooperative relations with similar institutions and bodies locally and globally.
  1. Medical and treatment assistance program.
  2. Program to sponsor families and orphans.
  3. The lending program for income -generating projects for the farewell and poor secrets.
  4. Training and qualification program for unemployed youth.
  5. The program of caring for the memorization of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.
  6. Summer camps program and training, professional and educational courses.
  7. Medical camp program.
  8. Wedding program to help young people marry.