Dr. Socrates Elaraby

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

All praise is due to Allah, He is the One, He is on Whom all depend, He begets not, nor is He begotten, and none is like Him. Prayers and peace be upon Mohammed, the prophet, who is the best at giving alms and worshipping, the greatest in approaching to Allah by hardworking, Allah's prayers be upon him, and his followers as many as the number of the days and nights.

In Islam, work is considered as a worshipping and approaching way to Allah. Allah says: " And say: Work; so Allah will see your work and ( so will ) His Apostle and the believers; and you shall be brought back to the knower of the unseen and the seen, then He will inform you of what you did." One of the best works that Allah loves is a worshiper gives an alms in order to get Allah's contentedness, he spreads it to be beloved and near to Allah.

I am pleased – first of all – to send perfumed bouquets of gratefulness and appreciation to Shaikh: Abd-Allah Awadh Al-Naqeeb who built such a great foundation, raised its solid pillar, owned its wise thoughts, he built this foundation because he loves doing goodness, his desire to help the needy, his greed to satisfy Allah, and his eager to enter Allah's great paradise.

Our father, Shaikh: Abd-Allah Awadh Al-Naqeeb – may Allah keep him safe –  worked hardly to establish the foundation, until he – by Allah's willing – got its licenses ( 990 ) – 2014. Then made its funds come from the profits of Bin Awadh Al-Naqeeb for Industry and Trading Holding Group.  

I will not forget to send perfumed bouquets of gratefulness and appreciation in my name and the names of the whole stuff to all the sons of Shaikh: Abd-Allah Awadh Al-Naqeeb, and the whole members of the curators assembly for their generous support to the corps of executive management to carry out the development charitable foundation's activities as It should be. I also thank whoever do his best in order to succeed this charitable work.

This report is a result to hard work and constant effort of the foundation's stuff who work hard as bees, to taste the honey of their work at the end of the year, and to still as a motivation to everyone who eager to do goodness. It’s the harvest of our teamwork who cooperated in work all the year. We put between your hands what Allah helped us to do in 2018. We cooperated together in order to serve the human and raise him up in the healthy, development, social and educational aspects. Thanks to Allah the efforts has been doubled this year more than the last ones, and the foundation achieved many accomplishments in several aspects. Thanks to Allah we helped the human as Allah guided us. All the contents of this report has been done because of Allah's help at first, then by our teamwork who did their best and spare no effort, they all depend on Allah, then on the directions of the wise management, may Allah keep them all safe and give them the best reward.

Finally, I pray to Allah to make all this work pure to his face, and guide us to everyone's goodness, he is near and responsive.

Allah proselytes the syncretizing.

Socrat Orabi

Executive Manager