Sheikh Awad Abdullah Al-Naqeeb

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

As for what follows,,, It is from God’s mercy toward His creation, and His favor upon them, that He guides them to good deeds, uses them in what pleases Him, makes good deeds endear to them, and facilitates the giving of alms. One of the greatest blessings, and the greatest of blessings, is for your Lord to make you subject to the service of His servants, and to make you a source of help for them. This - and praise be to God - is a blessing that deserves gratitude, and a gift that requires patience. It is from the mercy of God Almighty that He makes people subject to people, helping one another, and taking others away. - They are in hand They cooperate and have compassion, come together and join hands, cooperate and visit each other, and influence one another, so the meanings of religious brotherhood and images of Islamic cohesion appear. Al-Naqeeb Charitable and Developmental Foundation is a part of society that helps with what it is able, provides as much good as it can, and tries to help Muslims in various facilities, education, advocacy, society, development, development, health, and food. It seeks - with God’s grace and help - to search for every deserving person, and to find every needy, And support every poor person, and relieve the distress of every distressed person. If you are correct, then with God’s grace, and if you make a mistake, then ask for reward from God. If the good falls to those who deserve it, then that is from God’s kindness, and if it happens otherwise, then it is a provision that God will facilitate for one of His servants. Al-Naqeeb Charitable and Developmental Foundation seeks to provide humanitarian charitable work that is compatible with people’s needs and equal to the Foundation’s annual income, and aims to target the needy segments of society. The Foundation and its workers will not spare any effort in developing the work and improving the service, but will move forward towards the best, relying on God Almighty, then on the efforts of its loyal men. We ask God Almighty to grant us success, to take us by the hand, to make us the keys to goodness, to protect us from all evil and harm, to inspire us with what is right, and to ease difficulties for us. He is capable of all things.

Shaikh: Awadh AbdAllah Al-Naqeeb.

General Manager